Easter weekend

Yesterday was a beautiful warm and sunny day at the Market Garden. As opposed to the rest of the week when it was so windy we thought the tunnels would blow away!

The Easter weekend weather forecast is looking very promising and the farm shop and nursery will be open Saturday 9.30am - 4pm, Easter Sunday 10am - 4pm and Easter Monday 10am-4pm. So it's the perfect time to get in the garden, the allotment or even start a windowbox! We have lots of lovely herbs and vegetable packs all ready to be planted now. Currently we have chard, cauliflowers, several cabbages, calabrese, purple sprouting broccoli and lettuce packs. Lots more to come in the next few weeks! We also have our lovely strawberry plants for sale, one that fruits early summer, one midsummer and another that will take you right up till September. And don't forget we have a wide selection of fruit trees, including several dwarf varieties.

On the plant front, we have a great range of shrubs, ornamental trees, bedding plants and perennials. Including these spectacular dicentras (bleeding heart), hellebores and camellias as well as many more in the nursery. And of course, we have Humax compost, well rotted manure and top soil to help give your garden some extra nutrients should it need it.

Finally, lots of customers have been asking us for garden pots. We have now got a wide selection of these in the farm shop.

We look forward to seeing you in the nursery and farm shop over the Easter weekend. Thanks for reading!