As many of you know, Vicky is a keen beekeeper and produces some beautiful honey. You can read more of her adventures here. Usually at this time of year, her skills are called into action to go retrieve swarms that have invaded gardens and buildings - generally giving people a bit of a fright! Not to worry though, bees that are swarming are generally not interested in you and are stuffed full of food (like after you've had your Christmas dinner, you don't want to get involved in a fight!).

This week in the nursery we were hit by a swarm too, although not from our bees. Many thanks to all the customers in the nursery and the shop for remaining calm when we were engulfed by an enormous cloud of buzzing bees which appeared out of nowhere! Jeni captured some video of Vicky collecting them all after they had taken refuge in an Acer plant. You can check it out below:

Don't try this at home folks!

IMG 4031 from Jen Chillingsworth on Vimeo.