So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye......

We've reached the end of an era down on the farm this week. After almost seven years with us (she must have had an itch!), Jeni has moved on to pastures new. We have moulded and shaped her and turned her into something new - or maybe not, it's impossible to do that with a Glaswegian! But we have had a very good working relationship with her and we are sorry to see her leave. We know our customers will miss her and Jeni would like to send her thanks for all her good wishes, cards and gifts that she has received over the last few days. It makes us all realise how special all our regular customers are and we are so grateful for their continued support. Jeni is leaving the farm to pursue her career of writing and photography and we wish her well.

With Jeni leaving, we have recruited a new member of staff - our Girl Friday (and Wednesday) is Lindsy. She is just learning the ropes, so please be kind, especially when we drop her in at the deep end! Her plant knowledge is not as extensive yet as Jeni's, but she is a quick learner and we are sure she will develop into a great asset for the farm and nursery.

Along with Lindsy will be a new member of the pack (if he behaves!) in the form of Fat Jack. He is Lindsy's dog, one of Meg's pups (so brother to Orion, Domino and Fitz!), and hopefully he will settle into life at work on the farm.

We look forward to seeing you down on the farm soon.