It's Christmas, Sprouts and Silly Hats down on the Farm


Sometimes we wonder how time passes so quickly down on the farm as we are once again in the midst of Christmas Tree Season and another year has zoomed by!

The weather has not been kind this December but we keep reminding ourselves that it is not as bad as the people of Cumbria are having it. The field is wet and boggy but it does not stop the families from coming down to choose a tree. It is lovely to see all the excitement on the children's faces and asking them what they would like Santa to bring sometimes throws up an unexpected response. My personal favorite this year being Strawberry Ice Cream! This is going to be a difficult one I think as that is all this particular little boy wanted, not in a tub mind you, it has to be in a cone! How Santa is going to manage to wrap that and keep it from melting heaven knows although I am sure he will find a way.

We have our usual Christmas veggies and some more unusual ones such as flowersprouts which are a cross between kale and sprouts. Why not try these for your sprout haters? They may be converted. Order forms are still in the shop although we do need them in by Friday 18 December 2015 so that we know how much we have to pick.

From 16 December we are open right though til Christmas Eve our opening times are:

Wednesday 16 December to Tuesday 22 December                10 am to 4pm daily.
Wednesday 23 December                                                          8.30am to 4pm
Christmas Eve                                                                            8.30am to 11.30am

We will then be closed until Wednesday 13 January 2016 so make sure you stock up with logs before then!

And Finally.... We would like to wish all our customers A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year