What a difference a day makes!

Photo from whiteleysfarm

Spring is proving to be an up and down affair this year and it is definitely a case of what a difference a day makes. We can be basking in sunshine and working in tshirts one day then the following day we will be back into our winter attire complete with hats and gloves.

The sun always brings more people to the farm usually with a smile on their faces and a desperation to get out into the garden and inject some colour after the gloomy winter months. We have plenty of options available from the pretty faces of the violas and pansies to something a little more unusual like the little Andromeda (bottom photo).

Now is the perfect time to put in fruit trees and bushes before they begin to blossom and we have just put out our strawberry plants 3 varieties this year an early, mid and late season to extend the cropping period.

Demand is high for compost, manure and topsoil so much so that we are running out of bags to fill up with manure and topsoil. If you are tidying out the shed and you come across a stash of empty compost bags (they don't have to be ours!) then we would love for you to bring them in on your next visit to us. We will then re-use them.

Finally our veg packs and Tomato plants are not quite ready for sale yet but should be in the next week or two, it is still very early in the season for veggies to be going out so please remember that as a gardener the mantra is 'all in good time'.