Where Did Spring Go?

Well I'm not sure how it happened but April disappeared in the blink of an eye or so it seems and already May is almost at an end so once again I find myself apologising for not keeping the blog up to date!

We have been exceptionally busy on the farm as you can imagine it is the main sowing and growing period. Lots of seeds and cuttings, frantically potting up plants to get out for sale along with harvesting the first crops of the season.

We are in the midst of asparagus season which is always a delight here on the farm. We only ever eat it in the English season as quiet honestly when you have pulled the 'grass' in the morning and eat it for dinner that day all the other stuff is completely inferior and is not worth bothering with. Maybe we are asparagus snobs but hey, somethings are worth a bit of snobbery!

Along with the grass we are harvesting radishes, lettuces, spring greens, rhubarb, mixed spicy leaf, strawberries, spinach, chard, herbs and only today we have the first of the early (tunnel) courgettes. It won't be long until we are delivering to all our lovely shops and restaurants although the cold spring has meant that we are a little behind.

We are currently open 7 days a week Monday to Fridays just after 9 til 4pm Saturdays 9.30 til 4 and Sundays 10 til 4 so hopefully you can manage to get in on one of these days to see us.