The Spring Wake Up

It's been a busy few weeks on the farm with lots of potting on and pricking out and moving plants out to the sales areas from the work areas behind the scenes.

This time of year is a particular favourite of ours with a riot of colour beginning to come through in the nursery after the gray cold days of winter. The days are getting longer and the sun finally has a little warmth to it, some days we are even down to t shirts when working in the tunnels.

Our customers smile more when they come in and the sky is a shade of blue that you only ever seem to remember it being like on holidays when you actually take the time to notice.

Our honey bees are out and you can also see the Queen Bumble Bees out on the plants gaining energy before she finds a new home after her winter hibernation and begins to lay this years generation. You can help the bees by planting up early flowering plants such as heathers, alpines, hellebores and forsythias so that they can replenish their stores.

Spring is also the time to feed the garden, and make preperations for the forthcoming season. We have topsoil and manure along with Humax compost to put the goodness back into your soil. If you have any spare old compost bags then we would appreciate you bringing them in so that we can reuse them and help to keep the planet a little cleaner. We like to reuse and recycle!

We are happy to advise you on what to plant and where, if you bring in photos of your garden it helps us to plan it out with you. Remember that we have our own gardening/tree surgery team to create your perfect garden even if you don't have the time to do it yourself.

We hope that we will see you very soon.