The Pumpkin Harvest

We've been very busy down on the farm harvesting this year's pumpkin crop. Sown in early Spring, the pumpkin plants take several months to grow and then to ripen. Once they are full size, we harvest each one by hand and it takes us a full day to gather them all. Back on the farm, Vicky and team spend time hand washing them, ready to be sent out to local shops and restaurants.  We also sell them at farmers markets and in our farm shop.

We have a huge selection  to choose from including some unusual white varieties. Prices start from 75p for a small pumpkin weighing under 1kg and go all the way up to £5.00 for our whopping pumpkins over 9kg. Come choose your own from our tunnel and take a photo with the kids to remember the day too!

Rather than carve out the usual spooky eyes and teeth,  try something a little different this year. These would be great for kids or parties:

Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc 
Harry Potter 
Finding Nemo

Don't forget that a pumpkin isn't just for Halloween! Save the flesh inside and use it for soups, cakes, stews, curries and more. Here are some recipe suggestions that are simple and tasty.

Pumpkin and lentil soup
Pumpkin biryani 
Pumpkin muffins 

We look forward to seeing you down on the farm soon!